Aaron Sanchez

Marketing Guy | Amazon Guru

Aaron 'DizzyAaron' Sanchez

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing
With a passion for business development, I have created many companies over the past 15 years! Starting with a professional photography career. Published in different mediums worldwide. Later expanding into the fashion industry. Currently, I am on a mission to help others create and run their eCommerce businesses. Using my digital media agency, with offices in California. We specialize in:

Ecommerce Solutions
Custom Web Development
Digital Marketing
Ecommerce Consulting
Amazon FBA

A major switch happened in 2017 after a series of Kafkaesque events that caused me to reset my entire life. This “switch” left me homeless and with zero dollars to my name. This led to my first Amazon business in January 2018. This first e-commerce business grew from zero sales to a quarter-million in 18 months.
Throughout 2018 I began mentoring groups of resellers on how to duplicate my success. This group of resellers did well over $1 MM in combined sales in 2018! I now teach private groups my “Books For Profits” method to Amazon FBA! The mission is to help anyone looking to get into the Amazon FBA space and succeed.
I have since expanded into the digital marketing space. I am now focusing on partnering with successful brand owners in the health and wellness spaces.
I am a numbers guy who enjoys getting analytical with how your business runs, I work only with select clients and businesses at the moment. If you need my services, contact me below and we can see if we are a good fit to work together!








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